Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Asset Management

What is it?
- A fundamental part of managing and maintaining medical devices.

The related policies and procedures govern activities of medical equipment such as:
1. Testing and Commissioning (T&C)
- Complete physical inspection, performance test and Electrical Safety Test (EST)
during installation new biomedical equipment at site (hospital).
- Require involvement of several parties such as user (staff from hospital such as MA or Sister),
biomedical engineer and vendor.

2. Maintenance
a) Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM)
- Planned maintenance task and activities to ensure that equipment is operating to design parameter and safe working condition.

Figure 1: Example of PPM WO.

b) Corrective maintenance (CM) and Breakdown Maintenance (BD)
- To detect faults of biomedical equipment and carry out repairs
to restore equipment to a specified condition.

Figure 2: Example of BD WO.

3. Eventual retirement and disposal (Beyond Economic Repair_BER)
- A term used to describe a device that is not capable of being repaired
and instead should be replaced.

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